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Outdoor Jazz Concert


Kingwood Park HS Jazz Band joined forces with Kingwood HS Jazz Band to present a crowd-pleasing jazz concert.  Usually held at Town Center, the venue was changed to the common area outside of Kingwood High.  This proved to be a very good idea since there were ample percussion implements lying around on the ground just egging to be used in the concert.  


KHS Jazz Band performed a set then took a break while Kpark HS Jazz Band took the stage for a while.  KHS Jazz Band finished up with a second set as the sun was rapidly sinking behind the trees.  Both bands performed very well and the crowd showed enthusiastic appreciation for the musicians.

“A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges” ~Benny Green
KHS Jazz Band 2009-2010
K-Park Jazz Band 2009-2010
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